My family

My family

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Wow, what a day!

All I can say, is wow, another day at home with my kids. They are on spring break this week and I am loving that I took another day off to be with them. I will be back in the working (real) world tomorrow. I love my job so that is good, but it is so nice to have a few day to yourself! My son is finally feeling better, what a long sickness that drug out to be.

Today, I have so many thoughts about how good God is and I am loving the wisdom he is giving me. How easy it is to forget day to day the path the Lord has laid for us. I have been trying to finish painting my boys' room for about 2 weeks now and other stuff has gotten in the way and I am really starting to see the "rest" God has given me in areas I never had before. I used to be one of those people that when I wanted something done, I wanted it done now! Oh how I have become so much more relaxed in that area. It will still be there tomorrow waiting to be painted. My boys will be excited when it is done. I am just doing what I can do, from day to day, nowadays, and that, my friends, is victory. I am a people pleaser, busy-body type of person, so God is really setting me free and I never realized it was happening when he did it. So I am not going to label myself that way anymore, I am a relaxed, getter-done when I getter-done kinda girl, now, and thank you, Jesus!

A friend of mine was over tonight and was gonna help me and I viewed a Lifehouse skit video from youtube on facebook and sent it to my daughter, me and my friend were sitting at the table and I heard her play it so I told this person to watch, this person has been holding stuff in for so long, they started bawling, and it was a good cry! That video had so much truth and the people were dancing to a song and just showing the truth of our Lord! Me and my daughter, Sydney, were crying then too, it felt so good to see all of us could see the truth of things that keep us from God. I am so excited about the truth God is showing me! I am looking forward to tomorrow to get a new drink of water! Have a good day!

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  1. I'm wanting to see that video too! I tried to connect thru Facebook, but my little iTouch computer wouldn't let me view it cause it said I need a flash player! How annoying! It will usually let me connect to You Tube if it's a link posted thru there. So I will go to You Tube myself and view it, otherwise I may have to invite myself over to cry with you! ;-)