My family

My family

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Wow what a difference a day and the Lord can make! I needed to get my head out of the cloud yesterday and see things for real, real as in how the Father sees it! Oh how the enemy blinds us and makes us get all riled up with emotion! I am so happy God is a part of my life, or I don't know how I would make it through a day like yesterday! This morning me and my son prayed together and it was short but sweet and we both agreed we wanted a better day! I love how simple God is, and my son wasn't the only thing in my day yesterday, but he was the most important =) and I am so glad I get the opportunity to tell him how much God loves him! Have a great day everyone and look up when things get rough!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day

Ugh! What else is there to say to my day but that!!! Tonight leaves me feeling like I am a total failure! I did not walk into one situation today with gladness! Makes me sad! I have had so many good things happen to me lately but I feel just UGH! I don't feel like a good mom, I don't feel like a good much of anything right now! Just a bad awful day and I want it to get better but it is almost over! My kids are in bed and the usual sigh, that I finally have time to myself, it isn't there! Instead, I have a crappy feeling of failure, and I know this doesn't come from my heavenly father but it is here and I want it gone! Today I officially feel like I did nothing right, right up to bedtime! I had a child behave badly today, but I am not sure that I was worse than him! Help me Lord! These days leave me knowing I need help! Help that only God can give and I need it quick, well I know it is already answered and tomorrow is a new day, but tomorrow needs to be better! Please! Oh, I just hope my kids know how much I love them after a day like this, I tell them, but after they see me this ugly, I just ask God to help their little hearts! Come, Holy Spirit, Come!