My family

My family

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Remembering Jesus

Yesterday I was on facebook and all over the place people had posted that this poor little baby I have been praying for had passed and in actuallity it was not true at all.  First of all I was so upset when I saw this because the little guy and his family has grown so close to my heart as well as a lot of people in the community.  But I got to thinking how quickly bad news spreads, and it spreads fast and I had contacted my pastor only because I wanted him to lift up family in prayer which would have been really needed, only to have to quickly contact him again to let him know it was a false rumor.  I don't think anyone would want to hurt anyone by telling anyone, he has just grow  so close to us that we all want to know every detail about the little guy.  So I have been insistent on praying for him more and more as he fights for his little life.  This morning I looked up an old song on youtube and it is called, " By his wounds we are healed." and I watched it and even I myself forget how much Jesus took on His body for me that I can access His grace to receive all the wonderful blessings he has for me.  So I want to challenge everyone to spread GOOD news today.  The best news of all, Jesus!  And baby Dax is still in this life and let us lift him up in prayer, not talk, God is the only one who can help!  With God the story is a happy ending no matter what!  The GOOD news is Jesus is the same, yesterday, today, and forever, and that means he still heals!  The GOOD news is he loves us and wants good things for us!  The GOOD news is HE is the great physician!  The GOOD news is, cancer has a name, and Jesus is the name ABOVE all names.  The GOOD news is He did it all, and He wants me to look to him to perform it through his Holy Spirit.  Help us believe you God, the author of GOOD news and not all the bad reports!

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