My family

My family

Thursday, May 21, 2009

What a Glorious Day!!!

I sit here on what is going to be another beautiful day! My kiddos are still sleeping and I am sitting here after done reading some friends blogs and have windows open listening to birds chirp! I can't help but think about God in the springtime, when life is budding all around us and another season of life is passing us by. I have reminded myself this morning that just like when I am out taking a walk, that if I don't look around I will miss all that life that is budding around me! I have realized from many friends or Christians that I have met, that all too often we don't notice the life all around us in our journey, just like one day when we walk those streets of gold, it will be so beautiful, we can't imagine, but the beauty here is amazing, I mean just amazing. I say this to maybe hope that some people can see this in their journey with the Lord. We all are hoping for something from God! Sometimes we get our eyes so fixed on that one thing that we cannot see all the amazing things he is doing along the way. And in those moments the gift of life is being stolen from us! The "big" thing is certainly there but all these small things are huge when you think about it! The way you look at trees budding, grass growing, flowers blooming, all so beautiful, and you cannot deny God's creation. To just not enjoy all this and wait for heaven to come, would be kinda silly! He gave us all this to enjoy. Just like he gave us each and every day to enjoy! I used to be one of these people that couldn't focus on much else, but what I didn't have, and it prevented me from seeing what God was doing in my life and had already done! When you see what he has done, how can you deny he won't do the "big" thing?! I get kind of frustrated when people can't see the God in my life! But that is really just an indication that they are not aware of the power of God in their life, or that he is the one who has given them everything anyway! My Lord is my peace, and peace, my friends, is priceless! I wouldn't trade it for any big package in the world. And my peace I have as I watch my Father unfold every promise he has for me! And there isn't a day that goes by that the enemy doesn't try to steal my peace, and sometimes I fall for it for a bit, but every day, my precious Jesus comes to my rescue! WHAT DID I DO BEFORE I KNEW JESUS???


  1. Very nicely said Kelly! I too have to choose every day to believe and have faith that He is enough and look at what he has done. Even the "has dones" that I cannot yet see, I think Him for!

    I have all the details for "Blogger Appreciation Week" on my current posting. Stop by, it will "officially" start on Monday!

  2. Kellie,

    This was so good! It makes us to stop and realize all the things that God has already done in all of our lives.

    Sometimes, people think that God only does the little things and doesn't bring the big things to pass. When the very biggest thing that could ever be accomplished for us has already been accomplished by Him in us. That big thing is peace. Peace in the midst of all circumstances, knowing our God and trusting Him in everything. Jesus made that possible for us. He is amazing and Big things are His specialty too. :)